The horizontal lines on our foreheads or creases above our noses can make us look tired, sad, angry, and older than we truly are. These wrinkles are often intensified by sun exposure, heredity, and weight gain or loss. As we age gravity causes our forehead and brows to descend, creating a tired and heavy look. A brow lift restores the position of the brow to a more aesthetically pleasing position, thereby creating a more youthful appearance. The end result is a more refreshed, rejuvenated, youthful appearance.

In a brow lift the incision is made above the hairline to avoid visible scarring. The surgeon then removes the excess tissue (if necessary) and then repositions the brow. During endoscopic forehead lift, usually chosen by younger patients who are just developing brow wrinkles, an endoscope (miniature camera) is inserted below the skin and used to help lift and tighten the underlying muscles. Brow lifts are often combined with other facial cosmetic procedures including facelifts, Botox® Cosmetic injections, injectable fillers, or eyelid surgery.

To learn more about Brow Lifting, please contact Dr. Robert Hillstrom and Dr. Harry Wright at Hillstrom Facial Plastic Surgery today.

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