Rhinoplasty is considered by many facial plastic surgeons, in Sarasota and elsewhere, to be one of the most challenging cosmetic procedures to perform. In Sarasota rhinoplasty is performed by a handful of trained facial plastic surgeons who have specifically studied both otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery in order to ensure that both your aesthetic concerns and anatomic functionality are addressed.

In primary rhinoplasty, the doctor will surgically refine the nose’s size and shape to create the most ideal nasal proportions. By blending the nose in with the other facial features, harmony and beauty are created. This enhances the eyes which are the “portal to the soul”.

Depending on the type of rhinoplasty the patient receives, small well-hidden incisions are made inside of the nose. Cartilage and bone are then reshaped to create a refined aesthetic. For those affected by a deviated septum (a condition where the bone or cartilage is actually obstructing the nasal cavity), Dr. Hillstrom or Dr. Wright may perform a septoplasty. Some patients have reported that this procedure actually improved their breathing.


Revision Rhinoplasty

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